Monday 18 April 2011


By Wondimu Mekonnen, London

Woyyane’s plan to disarm the Diaspora was left in total ruins. TPLF and its Somali supporters from Mogadisho had to go empty handed home with their tails between their legs. All their investment in this venture is a total bankruptcy big time. That was a bitter pill for Woyyane to swallow. Here starts the downfall of dictators of Woyyane.

Imperial College of London was aware of what was going to happen because just a day before, eight of our activists went there and alerted them that the midget dictator Meles Zenawi, the Prime Misery of Ethiopia was sending his envoys to destabilize the Diaspora and their campus was chosen to promote tyranny. The Students Council, teachers and the Principal and the Rector had the message. The Students Council Sabbaticals told our activists, had we alerted them early enough, they would either force the cancellation of the room or organise a demonstration to join and support us. We are glad we didn’t. The result would have been different with a lesser effect.

When we arrived in the early afternoon, the place was tense and the Police built a barrier 500 meters away from Sheffield building. Many of us went straight to pass the Police with the invitation leaflet (I was personally invited by e-mail by a Woyyane who called himself “zebib zebib” and copying hod-ader Yalew Kebede). The Police informed us that we were not allowed to join in unless we had a special invitation letter signed and sealed. We created a huge havoc. That created a diversion, where those who had obtained the invitation letter and others managed to sneak through. Hod-ader Yalew Kebede’s plan started crumbling.

Once our activists were in, the drama immediately started unfolding. They were asked to sign in their names and addresses. A very long time veteran activist was prevented from going into the hall once he signed in a form. He asked the Woyyane to cancel his name and signature. The Woyyane refused. The veteran activist snatched the paper and tore it into pieces. Confrontation started. Hod-ader Yalew Kebede spotted another fellow activist signing up. He knew him personally from AAU days. He told him he would not be allowed in. Our brother argued that had an official invitation letter and had the right to go in. Another row started. Yalew and his Woyyane bosses requested the security guard to remove him physically. The Police came and held him and wrestled him to the ground. This moment has been captured by ESAT as follows: Once he fell down to the ground, nobody could raise him up from floor. He covered his head and lay down motionless and refused to get up. They wouldn’t be able to remove him without further hurting him. The Police panicked. Therefore they started negotiating with him that the meeting would be cancelled and he has to get up. In the mean time, another activist, photo-journalist Alebachew Dessalegn, who was there with our hero phoned and instructed us to break free ourselves from the barrier and storm the building. Yes sir! That was it! That finished off Woyyane’s Diaspora ploy, with a brother laying defiantly on the floor and refusing to get up until justice was done. We exactly did as requested. (Here you can see the moment of storming Shefield Building)

The bravery of our Ogadenese compatriots has to be mentioned here. What brave souls are they! Simply speaking, there was mayhem at Imperial College of London. While we were wrestling with the Police at the gate, somebody started a fire alarm from the inside. The whole college was evacuated. The library was emptied. Tens of thousands of students poured out to the open. The meeting was cancelled. Mission accomplished at Imperial College. But we could not believe that would be the end.

So many things started happening right at the same time on various fronts. Some were struggling to bypass the Police force to go inside to check meeting was really cancelled. Actually, the police lead one of the leaders and checked. Others were talking to the Imperial College students who were out there following the drama with interest and amazement. I was on another front, doing my bits, but I heard and saw video that Ethiopians were addressing the students. A lecturer gathered thousands of students around her and explained to them the nightmare of injustice our people had to put up with in Ethiopia under the yoke of TPLF fascism. Now, I will return to what I witnessed myself.

The delegates could not come out through the main door because Ethiopian protestors had jammed the front door. Hundreds of Police with riot gear arrived. All they could do was to block the door to prevent the demonstrators from entering the building that was already in deafening fire alarm siren. Therefore, Woyyane delegates have to be lead out through the back door, but together with some of our hard core activists who had already smuggled themselves in. TPLF activists found one of our determined brave activists among them, on his own. They tried to intimidate him by physically confronting him. When one TPLFite pushed him, he kicked him back in the face and smashed his eye glasses. Others came to his rescue but he bravely fought back against seven or so people alone and escaped unscratched leaving his bag to a Woyyane who was trying to drag him back with it. He was jumping up and down like a leopard that they could not lay their hands on him. He was about to join us when a couple of Woyyanes yelled out at him, and expressed their admiration for his bravery, gave him back his bag and let him go away in peace.

In the middle of the mayhem some of our activists informed us that there was a backdoor entrance to the building. About 10 of us left others to wrestle with the Police and rushed to the back door. We came face to face with Woyyane guests leaving and streaming towards The Knights Bridge Road. We exactly knew where they were heading and abandoned our plan to enter the building, intermingled and started walking with them. One can read the degree of discomfort and humiliation on each faces. Some of our activists had somehow started bitter exchanges with one well known hod-ader by the name of Leul Demissie. That hod-ader was unique as he was son of a late patriot Ethiopian who hated Woyyane so much, and was famous in London for his passionate plea with tears flowing like flood on both cheeks at every meeting asking to unite, fight and free Ethiopia from Woyyane traitors so that at least he would be able to die in his country. It was unfortunate, Ato Demissie died in London. This traitor son of his was on the doorstep of Woyyane next morning after the burial of his dad. That gave away who we were. Never mind. That did not stop us from achieving what we were set out to achieve. Our brave brother who fought his way out of the crowed of Woyyanes joined us at that moment. Unfortunately, as soon as he saw Leul Demissie his blood started boiling up all over again. We tried to calm him down but there was no point no chance. They started exchanging bitter words.

The hod -ader, probably sensing that we were outnumbered started row with our activist. We did not intervene for our own reasons except a brother who tried to “mediate”. One Woyyane Somali delegate, whose picture you see here, (we were later on learned from our Ogadenese brothers and sisters, he was actually from The Republic of Somalia), yelled at other Woyyane supporting Somalis to join him in the fight. Then we stepped out of the crowed and confronted him, telling him that it was none of his business. The other Somalis backed off. He had no choice but to call for help to a passing by Police. He led the Police to arrest our brother. Patriotic Ethiopians gathered around the Police and informed them that it was hod-ader Leul that started the fight. The Police arrested our activist, anyway.
We reasoned out with the Police that Hod-ader Leul had also beaten up our brother. They arrested Leul too. Leul was surprised when they bundles him into the car and whisked him away. We asked them where they were taking our activist. They told us that he would be held at Chelsea Police Station. We noted that and continued with our moves together with Woyyane delegates. We arrived at the Embassy at the same time with the Woyyane guests. By the time we arrived, the Woyyanes and the Police blocked the door and prevented anyone from going in. It was so difficult for Woyyanes to distinguish the Woyyane supporters from the rebels. Hod-ader Yalew (in the middle) and his bosses found it extremely difficult to sift the wheat from the shaft. Thousands ended up at the door of the embassy. Police was pushing back the crowed but that was impossible. In the mean time, some Tigrigna speaking TPLFites spotted some of us and started insulting us. A Woyyane thug personally spotted me and threatened to kill me (look at him taking my
picture - የሚፈራው ተገኝቶ!). I just looked back at him with disgust and invited him to go ahead with his threats if he had the guts. His friends caught him back. The Somali guy you saw his picture before became very aggressive agitated by a DW reporter and tried to stop him from taking pictures. That was hopeless. He was not a match to Ogadense brothers and sisters who simply silenced him confronting and yelling at him. We all just ignored the agent provocateurs and kept on pushing to go into the Embassy. Both Woyyane supporters and those opposed were equally left standing outside. Additional Police force came and built a barrier just two meters away from the door (In the past, we were about 80 meters away from the Embassy and had never come that close).

While just few of us were creating all that havoc at the Embassy the main contingent was still wrestling with the Police at the Imperial College. They then learned what was going on at the Embassy and rushed to join us (see youtube link)
By then Woyyane was outnumbered. We all were just one team. Our Ogadenese brothers and sisters were naming and shaming Somali guests from the Republic of Somalia. We were so intermingled that it was so difficult to distinguish who was who. It was funny. We all were speaking Amarigna to each other and standing up for one another. Woyyane invited guests were demanding to go in. We were demanding to let us in too. The bulk of the contingent who joined us later brought with them the mobile loud speaker that we left behind and mounted it on the stick just two meters away from the door and started bombarding them with a noise that would deafen one for weeks. The demonstrators were behind it and less affected than Woyyane thugs and the Police.

Yesterday Ben Ali
Yesterday Mubarak
Yesterday Gbagbo
Today Gadafi
Tomorrow Meles!
Beqa! Enough! Gaye! Bas!

We learned that it was a nightmare within the Embassy. As if the deafening sound was not enough, their speaker system failed to work. Actually, it did not fail to work but miracle prevented them from using it. As we were using an electronic wireless microphones, as soon we started using ours, their speaker started picking our slogans and echoing our messages rather than theirs. When we shouted "Down-down Meles!" their speaker was also transmitting the same slogan message inside. At first they panicked did not know what was going on. They must have thought it was a sabbotage. Later on they could do nothing but uplug theirs and resort to try to speak without it. What they were saying was inaudible to their audiences at all. It was the worst meeting for Woyyane delegates they had ever had. One of the head of delegates who came all the way from Ethiopia was a useless guy by the name of Junedin Sado, The former President of Oromiya region and the current minister of Civil Service (yuk). (Here, you can see the picture of scared Junedin Sado picking through the window)

The other delegate was the rudest of them all, the so called “President” of the Somali Regional State Abdi Mohamud Omar, and the other two were insignificant and hapless cadres not worthy to mention. It was reported that the Somali puppet president was so annoyed with the demonstrators; he claimed that all of us were former Dergue cadres. The truth was the majority of those who were protesting were not even born when the Dergue was in power. Liar-liar "Woyyane ashker"!

Sooner those who went in started coming out with long faces under the booing sound of hundreds (if not thousands) of protestors outside. ESAT reporters were busy the whole day trying to capture the drama on the film and reporting. One of the reporters was a former EHRCO activist and researcher in Addis Ababa, Wondimagegn Gashu, who escaped from persecution through Kenaya and ended up in Brighton. He was an active member of Ethiopian Civic Consortium and lately a human rights reporter for ESAT. He was busy interviewing people and doing his professional job on the side, a bit away from the crowed. All of a sudden, we saw the Police apprehending someone and Wondimagegn on the floor. We rushed towards Wondimagegn only to be stopped by a huge number of the Police force informing us that everything was under control and begging us to let them do their job. The offender was a hard core TPLF member who was already handcuffed and led into the Police van before we could tear him apart. Now, I came to learn this murderer is actually from Amsterdam. Read the following excerpt from an e-mail sent to me:

“I am surprised to see on Ethiopian Review news the picture of one woyanne thug Peter (Woldegebrel) in confrontation with patriot Ethiopians. Shortly after he secured the Netherlands nationality passport one year ago he moved to London to work and live there. He is also the brother in law of Tekle another TPLF thug who wore Meles's T-shirt, beaten up by patriots during last July 2010 Ethio-Amsterdam football tournament.”

What an amazing coincidence! These Woyyane are flocking into exile and seeking asylum just like the persecuted ones. Once they clinch their refugee status become Woyyane’s weapons of mass harassment. Just take a note, compatriots everywhere. The UK has issued a law to revoke asylum cases; even citizenship rights, if that was obtained by fraud. We should go in full gear against such imposters. A Woyyane thug probably claimed asylum due to “persecution” by Woyyane in the first place and shamelessly now beating up a protestor. He should be sent to the bush, where he belonged to as he is acting wild. Was it not the case when the Libyan Embassy killed officer Yvonne Joyce Fletcher in 1981? It is the same story.

The beating up of Wondimagegn was disgusting. That was the most infuriating moment. Eye witnesses told us later that, Wondimagegn was interviewing another demonstrator by the side, in front of a parked Police car, and the Tigrigna speaking Woyyane supporter quietly approached him and punched him in the face that took our brother by surprise and floored him.

The transgressor did indeed saw that nobody was watching, but what the transgressor did not know was the Police was sitting in parked van just inches away, watching everything first hands. They apprehended him before he could launch a second punch. He was so lucky he was arrested because the protestors could have taken the law into their hands. Wondimagen was helped on his feet and led to the van to give a statement to the Police: “I am alright! I have seen worse! But thank God they don’t have machine guns here. Otherwise, I could have been a dead man by now.”

The component of Woyyane guests was amazing. Without any exaggeration, 80% of the delegates were Somalis from Mogadishu – which our Ogadesese brothers and sisters confirmed to us. This is worrying sign. When his turn comes, Meles is probably counting on mercenaries from there like Gadaffi. I personally confronted one proper TPLF supporter and asked him why on earth so many Somalis were allowed in while so few Ethiopians were standing with them. He just said: “Why do you care if we succeeded to bring them all into our folds!” and winked. I was gobsmacked.

To conclude it, Woyyane’s London mission was totally ruined. The success in Washington DC had been repeated in London too. One of our activists later on met an Ogadenese who collaborated with Woyyane. After a careful and crafted exchange of a healthy conversation with him, he managed to learn the feeling of those who went in. They regretted. According to him London disaster was by far worse than what had happened to them in Washington. He informed him that Woyyane supporting Ogadenese have some connection to the Regional President. Members of the President of the Somali region were informed that the Amaras would totally abandon the federal system and the Ogadenese would lose self rule if Woyyanes were removed. He believed them. Now he has second thoughts.

By 8 o’clock the demonstration was over peacefully. A friend, TG sent me the following image

After the demonstration some of us went to Chelsea Police Station to find out the fate of our arrested activist. The Police informed us that both had been interviewed and our activist would come out before midnight on bail. One of our members gave them his number for bail and we went home.

I have not reached home when I received a call letting me know that he was out. He was fine and very happy with all that had happened. Here is one thing he informed me.

"As we were taken into the Police Station, we both were asked to empty our pockets and hand over everything to the Police. I took out £1.50 and registered. Hod ader Leul took out £5,000 in envelope and registered."

Interesting! The guy was probably giving back some of the money Woyyane helped him earn by betraying his compatriots and becoming their tool. That five thousand pounds was probably a “thank you" gift or money for the purchase of the super bonds, you never know! No, it was not, actually. Now we learned that Woyyane Embassy gave some money to its supporters, so that they would do a stunt in the meeting with that money. They would pledge the money they were given and give back right away pretending to support the building up of the dam on Abbay (the so called "The Blue Nile Millennium Dam"), to coax others do the same, and at the same time to video tape that process and let our brothers and sisters at home think that the Diaspora is behind the tyrant regime.

Woyyane must go! Enough is enough! Beqa means beqa! Gaye! Bas!

Sunday 10 April 2011

አቤት ውሸት! አቤት ውሸት!