Wednesday 9 June 2010


A star?
What star?
I don't see any star!
But I do see something else!
A torn flesh, deep scar!
A wound cut to divide,
Curved out on our flag;
Inflicted on our pride,
Engraved traitors tag.
A star?
Why a star?
For a star we do care less,
It's nothing to do with us;
Irrelevant meaningless,
An alien from the distance!

A star?
What star?
That is not the Star of David,
May be of snakes and lizards;
Tarot reading magic wand,
Ashtaroth of witches and wizards.
Rise up Ethiopians!
No time to decide!
Resurrect your defiance!
You're condemned to genocide!
Our insignia is desecrated,
Bearing a scar on the chest,
Marked to be sacrificed,
Like the Jews at Holocaust,
When a nation is humiliated,
The flag suffers first.

Hyenas are inflicting pain,
Though wolves fell of the race;
The lion is removed again,
Ashtaroth took his place;
Under the yoke of these thugs
We remain deeply hurt
The star remains on our flag
The scar remains in our hearts

Don't touch the scarred flag,
That is not the real one;
It is the one turning rag,
Ours is smooth and plain.
Green as a fertile land;
Yellow faith of pure gold
Red hot patriot's blood;
Pride of every household.

Don't give up compatriots!
Victory is yet to come;
We shall march as patriots;
Joined united as one!

Our flag has the power;
The lion is her emblem;
Hoisted on the highest tower;
Heralding long freedom!
The Lion!
The sign of resistance,
Defeated but not conquered
The Symbol of defiance,
Tired but not surrendered.
Keep our flag neatly;
Enemies would love to burn,
Ethiopia waits patiently,
Her roaring lion's return.


Wondimu Mekonnen