Saturday 5 October 2019

Son of a ‘Neftegna’

Son of a ‘Neftegna’

Oh you poor!
Thought I would be offended?
Actually it is an honour
neftegna’ to be branded!
Thank you!

You are right!
I am son of a ‘neftegna’!
Gun totting earth-mover!
Child of the ‘arbegna’
‘Fanno’ Freedom lover!

Let me say this clear and loud,
Hero’s descendant and proud!
I am that ‘neftegna’s’ off spring,
Ready to pick up his shield;
Deep-planted seedling,
Groomed, sworn and sealed!

That black fighting machine,
Colonialist’s nightmare;
Loved Ethiopia with passion,
Broke enemy’s snare.

Neftegna’ the freedom champion!
The devil Italians dreaded;
Nightmare of the French Legion;
The guerrilla the English hated!

A name that would bounce!
What a word to pronounce!
A name that rings a bell;
Menelik’s right hand!
Colonialists’ walking hell!
Defender of the motherland!

Brave gallant knight!
With an inviolable motive!
Hardened through fight!
Shelter to the fugitive!

‘Neftegna’ is a sacred name,
Traitors! Make no error!
A slight attempt to shame,
Might mitigate a nasty terror!

I am his proud son,
Replica carbon cut;
Pedigree second to none,
Genuine replacement!

I am the ‘Neftegna’s heir,
Cub of the black lion;
Duty bound successor,
Continuation of the line.
Guardian of liberty!
Ethiopia’s security!
Jealous for her unity!
Territorial integrity!

Just like yesterday,
Saving the nation from vultures,
On guard night and day!
Taking no chance on ventures!

Here I stand to pay a price,
Trekking the patriotic course,
Life ready for a sacrifice,
Born to die for a cause!

Call me “expansionist”
Bestow on me ‘Neftegna’!
Cry! Scream! “chauvinist”!
Reincarnate ‘arebegna’!
I ascribe honour to heroes,
Unwavering I stand;
Giving glory to fathers,
Inheritor of the land!

I have no other desire,
Apart from the free motherland!
None whatsoever to aspire,
However, if provoked!
Don’t blame for a mire;
No left or right to turn!
I am a fuming fire!
Ignited that would burn!

Don’t push me!!!

Dedicated to Ethiopian patriots regardless of their ethnic origin who who had fallen defending Ethiopia's independence and their children and grand children who are doing the same thing today.

Wondimu Mekonnen
Stirling, Scotland, UK March 1996