Saturday 11 June 2011


By Wondimu Mekonnen: London 09 June 2011

The Partners in crime made up of Developing Markets Associates (DMA), Africa Matters Ltd (AML) and the Woyyane Ministers, had their first UK-Woyyane Investment Forum on 9 June 2011 in London. Ethiopians in London were also there to mark their disgust with such an outrageous scramble for Ethiopia among neo-colonizers, land grabbers and their agents in power in Ethiopia.
Regardless of every effort made by the Woyyane to conceal the venue where they were going to conduct their mischievously organised first UK-Woyyane Investment Trade and Tourism conference, the protestors still managed to pinpoint when and where this crime against the Ethiopian people was going to take place and turned up on the gate to tell them that there is no return in investment in tyranny. It has got to be “UK-Woyyane” economic forum because Woyyane controls everything in Ethiopia, not just the political platform, but the whole economy as well. This event is held just one week after UNDP revealed that US$8.4 Billion had been stashed away in foreign banks by the Woyyane regime.
Woyyane went to the extreme length to conceal the venue from view. Listening to the media and reading the websites, they realised that Ethiopians would be turning up anyway on the gate of Institute of Technology and Engineering at 2 Savoy Place, at 8:00 am sharp, just 1 hour before the meeting. The Woyyanes beat them to that. To avoid the humiliation of the 16 April type mishap, Woyyane officials turned up before 7:00 o’clock – 2 solid hours before the meeting. When two of our activists arrived at 7:00 o’clock in the morning to prepare the demonstration place with the Police, they were surprised to see 150 Woyyane Ministers and official pushing and pulling each other to enter the building. They must have spent sleepless night to arrive at that time at that spot. The two activists phoned others to let them know what was going on. By the time others arrived, all Woyyane delegates transported from Ethiopia were all in locked up themselves inside for 2 hours. The only people seen at the gate were a dozen of hired bodyguard (security men), the few usual suspect “wedo geba hod-aders” (collaborators, in short) like Yalew Kebede and his likes. The barrage of insults from the protesters drove the wedo-gabs inside too.

Woyyane are like leeches. Unless one is careful, coming in contact with such blood sucking beings may cost respect. These leeches are everywhere in now days. There are freshwater, terrestrial, and marine leeches. They all have one in common. They suck blood. Woyyanes are like that. They are in restaurants pretending to enjoy food, in Ethiopian nightclubs pretending to enjoy the music, in youth sport arenas pretending to be sport-lovers but with entirely devilish motives – to stick themselves to healthy body to suck out blood. They even attempt to infiltrate into our churches, mosques and communities so that they lure and attach themselves to worshippers and community members. This has been evidenced when some well respected members of our community turned up at 2 Savoy Place to the meeting only to be heckled by the protestors. ESAT television reporters were chasing after them to ask questions, but they had no convincing answers. Now, these people are going to be outcastes by the community as collaborators. Their images are ruined. They have no way out now, but sing along Solomon Tekalign about the beauty of Meles’s eyebrows. Woyyane will suck out their blood like leeches and spit them out like chewing gum when their times are up. It will then be too late to recover. The stigma stays.
Some independent journalists and researchers who went in were very much disgusted with what they saw. All scramblers for Ethiopia were praising Woyyane for opening up Ethiopia for sale. Land grabbers were over the moon to lay their hands on some plots of fertile land. A British friend, who had the chance to witness this shameful act texted from the inside: “It is sickening”. Baroness Lynda Chalker, the former Minister of State for Overseas Development was heard praising the dictators.  A day will come when the people of Ethiopia would rise and get rid of the tyrants and ask her about her association with these child killers. Norman Ling, British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Laurence Robertson MP, Atam Sandhu, Managing Director, and Developing Markets Associates were among the facilitators. Ethiopians should know who are dancing with murderers.

At the presence of a BBC radio reporter, the protestors were heard shouting: “The Brtitish Government - Where are your morals? Where are your principles! Where are your norms! Where is your democracy! Where is your respect for human right? How come you do business with tyrants?” The protestors further shouted: “Yesterday Ben Ali, Yesterday Mubarak, today Gadafi, today Ali Abdullah Saleh, today Assad, tomorrow Meles!” The protestors underscored the fact that it was time for tyranny to disappear from Ethiopia. They confirmed this by shouting their current popular slogan: Enough! Beqa! Gaye! Aluni! Yeakil! Khalas! To tyranny, dictatorship, ethnic apartheid and injustice!

Thanks to the modern technology, we have captured and retained some of the moments on the videos for those who were not there and for history.

The meeting was a whole day business. In the evening, when the delegates came out, some of our activists remained behind to see what was going on. The newly trapped collaborators came out with bunches of flowers each. That must be a token of gift of “welcome to my web”, from Woyyane!

Monday 6 June 2011


By Wondimu Mekonnen, London

It appears that no minister is left in Addis Ababa these days except one or two. We know for sure that the Minister of Health has remained behind to look after the shaky health of Prime Misery Meles Zenawi and the other is the Minister of Defence to protect Meles from his own shadow. The rest are here in London with us with their begging bags. Hailemariam Desalegn (looks must have been the criterion to be appointed to the highest post of Woyyane regime), Deputy Prime Misery and Minister of Foreign Affairs; Sufian Ahmed, Minister of Finance and Economic Development; Mekonnen Manyazewal, Minister of Industry; Sinkinesh Ejigu, Minister of Mines; Tefera Derbew, Minister of Agriculture (may be to sell agricultural land to the highest bidder); Mekuria Haile Hailemariam, Minister of Urban Development and Construction; Teklewold Atnafu, Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia (where gold bars turn into bricks) and Abi Woldemeskel, Head, Ethiopian Investment Agency and finally Ato Teshome Beyene, Secretary General, Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce are back in London, just over a month since we chased their colleagues out of the Imperial College on 16th April 2011. This time they are back with vengeance. Gird up your loins again, Ethiopians in Britain! They are on your doorstep again!

Woyyanes are here because the UK Government organised for them the first “UK-Ethiopia Investment Trade and Tourism Forum”. Shame on the current Government of the UK for yet again aligning itself with ruthless dictators! How come the very government that talks so much about democracy and human rights abuse in Zimbabwe on television, radio and newspapers discuss about economic cooperation with the current most tyrant regime of Ethiopia? The difference between Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Meles of Ethiopia is that Mugabe takes land from the rich whites and gave it to poor blacks. Meles grabs land from the poor and sells it to foreigners. Both rich whites in Zimbabwe and the poor Ethiopians in Ethiopia are human beings. UK’s cooperation with the tyrants is an approval of tyranny, in the eyes of the down trodden mass of Ethiopia!

Once the information about this shameful event leaked out, the Woyyane Embassy in London made every effort to cover it up. First, they removed the information about the venue. Then they totally removed the whole post from their website. They convinced their sponsors to remove the venue too. We have now obtained the original information intact and can be seen at:

The edited information can still be found at

The British and the USA government deploy their modern weaponry arsenals in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya to “defend democracy”. The exiled Ethiopian community has been telling them, democracy has no colour. The democracy they preach for Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Zimbabwe etc. is the same in Ethiopia too. The right hand of Meles Zenawi is tainted with blood. It was Tony Blair and Gordon Brown that was shaking hands with him before and now David Cameron. Labour or Conservative in power, it is business as usual. What a double standard! Woyyanehas been killing, maiming, jailing and vanishing citizens into exile ever since it came to power. The UK Government has been complaining about refugees overwhelming their country, but they are babysitting the regime that has been pushing us all out of our country. We are disappointed with the UK government that is ready to do business with the murderers and showering them with billions of taxpayers’ money (see

The Ethiopian regime is one of the most ruthless and corrupt regimes on
(picture curtsey of TG)Planet Earth. What kind of business can one does with a regime that attempts to sell bricks as a gold bar (1) (2)? There will be nothing that the Ethiopian mass would be benefiting from this so called “UK-Ethiopia Investment Trade and Tourism Forum”. The benefit of this exercise is for the Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), the TPLF economic machine that owns runs 90% Ethiopian trade and industries in Ethiopia. The Public property that was “privatised” upon the coming to power of TPLF went straight to the EFFOT. No private owner would start any business without members of the TPLF becoming joint owners. After that, this Mafia clan rides on the back of the investor like a horse. Read the following shameful report:

The Woyyanes tell us that there is economic growth. Of course, there is, let us admit it, to be fair. Whose economy is growing, though? The answer lies in the fact that the owners of the entire economy are TPLF officials. The EFFOT’s business empire is booming and the very double digit growth that is frequently blurted out every year belongs to the TPLF owned businesses. The rest of our nation swims below poverty line. Every penny generated goes to the wallets of Woyyane officials and then out to the foreign banks. No dime tickles down to the ordinary 75 million or so Ethiopians. Ethiopians are still a staving. The Woyyane has taken for granted that it is the responsibility of the United Nations or other donor nations to feed its own people and not the regime’s responsibility. Woyyane has just celebrated its 20th year in power. The number of people starving has tripled since then. Under the tribalist repressive regime, Ethiopians are humiliated. Our history is desecrated. Our unity is ruined. Our national wealth has been robbed. Our rights have been violated. We cannot put up with this!

In Ethiopia everything is up for sale. Recently, the regime in power is busy selling fertile lands to agro-industrial multinationals while millions don’t have a land to grow their own crops to feed themselves. As Ethio-channel, one of the pro-regime newspapers reported, Meles Zenawi said regarding peoples’ complaints on this issue, the following:

“ማልቀስ ካለብን ለህንዶች ለሰጠነው 100 ሺህ ሄክታር መሬት ሳይሆን ገና ላልሰጠነው 3 ሚሊየን ሄክታር ነው”

Loosely translated: “If we have to cry, we should not be crying for the 100 000 hectares of farmland we have already given away to the Indians, but for the 3 million hectares farmland we are about to give away.” This is outrageous! This is yet another proof that Meles Zenawi has been looking down upon our people and exhibiting his utmost disrespect! He is saying: “There is nothing you can do about that!” Let us see what we can do about!

The 193 people that had been murdered in 2005(3) in cold blood are still fresh in mind. Woyyane robbed the election ballots and threw the entire leadership of the opposition into prison and charged them with treason and insurrection. Woyyane officals even charged foreign citizens with the same laughable charge. After strengthening the grip to power, they had released the leadership of the opposition since then, but they weakened them to the extent that the opposition wouldn’t be able to challenge them any more. They succeeded in silencing the free press 100%. They jammed even the VOA and DW Amharic services. Billions of dollars now spent on employing Chinese technology of jamming radios and satellites. The majority of the surviving Ethiopian journalists have flocked into exile. The few remaining are prevented from writing anything inside that country against the suppressive and corrupt regime. The outcome of that suppression is evidenced when Woyyane declared in 2010 that it won 99.6% of the votes(4). How can anyone put up with such gross violation of human rights? Ethiopians in Britain are currently preparing a welcome party for Woyyane delegates that are coming to London. Every Ethiopian who cares for his/her country should take a day off to confront the delegates of the tyrants. We shall repeat the humiliation we brought upon the Meles’s messengers at Imperial College on 16th April, again on 9th June. We live in a free world. Let us be the voice for the voiceless mass left back home. Many of us are here not because we chose the exiled life but we could not live in our country. Therefore, it is our duty to expose the tyrants.

You all are invited to this amazing welcome party. Let us give them another chase.


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