Wednesday 1 December 2021


As our version of the true story cannot be published on Daily TPLF, sorry, I meant the Daily Telegraph, I am forced to use the Social Media, to make my voice heard.

Dear Editors,

It is amazing how your pages have been used and abused by the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) against Ethiopia again and again.

I am referring to the misleading article titled: "Briton released from death row accused of inciting genocide in Ethiopia" by Will Brown, from Nairobi, 28 November 2021.

I would like to point out to you two factual errors and one ignored fact. I will start with the ignored fact.

Andargachew Tsege, an international air passenger was abducted by the TPLF "ambush squad" on 23 June 2014 from Sana’a airport and taken to Addis Ababa and kept in solitary confinement for four years waiting for the day of his execution. His life was spared when the TPLF was forcefully removed from power by popular uprising. Why ignore this crime against an international air passenger in transit?

Factual Error No.1
It is not Mr Hammond and Mr Jeremy Corbyn's plea that made it possible for Andargachew Tsege to be released. Their plea fell on deaf ears of the TPLF leadership and ignored. It was Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali who risked his own life by releasing their No.1 Prisoner, Andy, as soon as he assumed the shaky position of Prime Minister in 2018.

Factual Error No. 2
The TPLF invaders are  fighting right now, 343.2 miles away from their home region,Tigray, massacring Amhara people and their animals, raping their women and children, looting and burning residential houses all their way through Wello to Northern Showa. Where was Will Brown when this actual genocide took place by the TPLF? More than 1,000,000 Amharas are now displaced and left to live a  homeless life not to mention what they did to people in Afar. Andy Tsege simply told the residents of Northern Shewa not to flee anymore from the invading combatant TPLF fighters but to stand their ground to fight back. If calling on the people to defend their homes and family against terrorist invaders is genocide, then the author really needs to go back to school to learn his English vocabulary all over again or refer to the dictionary. Was he lost in translation?

Thank you for considering to publish my letter.

Wondimu Mekonnen
Retired Academic of University of Buckingham
(Address and phone number withheld)

Evidences if TPLF atrocities

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