Monday 10 November 2014


Nightmare at the Woyyane Embassy

By Wondimu Mekonnen:


The Woyyane (The TPLF) is a terrorist organisation[i] that is holding Ethiopia at ransom. Since the these criminals came to power, nothing changed in their wild behaviour. They were terrorists yesterday, they are terrorists today and unless they are stopped now, they wouldn’t change their behaviour in the future. The worsening brutality of the ethno-apartheid Woyyane (i.e. ethnic based black on black apartheid) regime has left Ethiopians with no option but to come together and resist tyranny of the worst kind in their history. As crackdown on the opposition members, journalists, religious leaders (both Christians and Muslims), and professional and human rights activists steps up, resistance is also rising to next level to defend the existence of oneself with more commitment and determination.

On 7th November 2014, this was the cause for the call of all Ethiopians to meet up in Brussels, the beautiful Belgian Capital City. The illegal and criminal abduction of Andargachew Tsege, General Secretary Ginbot 7 from Sana’a Airport was meant to scare-shock and silence the exiled community of Ethiopians to coil back into their shells but that was a wrong calculation on the part of the Woyyane. It proved otherwise.

 The ethno-apartheid regime’s outrageous of series of abduction has ignited the fury of Ethiopians. They have been abducting the Oromo, the Ogadenese, the Gabellans from neighbouring counties. They have now upgraded that to the abducting an international air transport passenger. Will they get away with such blatant transgression of human rights? Their true colour is now exposed. Apart from the abduction, their murder squad has also been deployed in the cities of the World with diplomatic immunity. The recent brandishing of gun and shooting at demonstrators in Washington as we witnessed on 29 September 2014[ii] just a good example. That man has murdered single headedly during the 2005 election and before. Will we lie and day next day without resistance when they walk into our kitchen and murder us in exile tomorrow? No! Living under the yoke of fear is not life!
Protests and resistance are growing day by day, taking lessons from past mistakes and perfecting the means and methods of defending the Ethiopian interest, be it inside or outside the country. Woyyane (The TPLF – Tigray Peoples’ Looting Front) cannot continue governing by whining and dealing any more. The religious division be over. The ethnic politics is long rotten and should be abolished. When an Oromos is killed the Amara should protest. Ogadenese are our flesh and blood. We needed to wake up from our hypnotic stupors and rise up for resistance. Every ethnic group within the country are now aware the evil tactics of divide and rule. No more ruling Ethiopia by iron feast! Brussels! Thanks for hosting us!

Ethiopian Alliance in Europe

The November 7 Brussels demonstration in front of the EU Headquarters and the march to the Woyyane occupied Ethiopian Embassy was organised by “The Ethiopian United Task Force for Justice and Human Right in Europe” hereafter, “Task Force”, which is part and parcel of the global movement of Ethiopians for justice and democracy. Unity is power! Ethiopians are inching forward to create a formidable force to step up resistance to survive!

Earlier, on 5th September 2014, the same Task Force held a very huge and successful demonstration in London[iii], Europe based Ethiopians in London, forcing the closure of Downing Street and creating traffic jam. The media that was ignoring the cry of passive Ethiopians now became alerted when their roads were jammed. We had to explain, peacefully and legally about how the British taxpayers’ money has been used to keep dictatorship breathing in Ethiopia. The Brussels demonstration is the 2nd in the series of planned actions and demonstrations to expose atrocities committed by the Woyyane regime in Ethiopia and even in neighbouring countries against Ethiopians living there. An evidence of that includes, the abduction of Mr Sulub Ahmed and Ali Hussein from Nairobi on 26 January 2014 (by the way theywere there to negotiate peace with Woyyane),  Okelo Akuayi Ipola from Juba (South Sudan) in June 2014 and Andargachew Tsege from Sanaa Airport (Yemen) on  22 June 2014[iv]. These acts are nothing but pure terrorism. When on earth can a terrorist can be trusted to become an ally against terrorismof the democratic word?

Ethiopians everywhere have risen up to expose the irony across cities of the world. The Task Force’s objective is to transform those local actions into united global action to bring the Woyyane on its knees and stop the murders, killings, maiming, abductions and illegal imprisonment of citizens anywhere and harassing of refugees throughout the world. Where did the Woyyane got all that power. For sure, that power came from the money donated by West. To dry up the tears of mothers in Ethiopia, we need to dry the source of funding of tyranny.

The Brussels Schuman Square Demonstration

The objective of the demonstration at Schuman Square, the roundabout at the end of Rue de la Loi in Brussels, was to demand actions to be taken to tame the brutal dictatorial ethno-apartheid regime of Ethiopia, by the institutions of the European Union (EU), such as the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission. Wining and dining with the aggressors is not the way to do business. Quiet diplomacy does not work on Woyyane. Money talks!

These terrorists come from the bush 23 years ago and still acting wild. They don’t understand at all the meaning of peace, democracy and justice. It doesn’t exist for them. They want to rule by gun and fear. The scare mongering and fear factor goes beyond their own citizens.  We have witnessed recently how the Prime Disaster of Ethiopia threatened BBC[v] and CNN journalists with arrest if the journalists keep on putting their noses in what they do.

The European Union cannot claim ignorance about what is going on in Ethiopia with regards to the gross violation of human rights in that country. Their own investigation was reported back to them by the EU Human Rights Committee on 24 September 2014[vi], regarding the gross violation of human rights and atrocities committed against citizens in Ethiopia, with particular reference to the case of Andargachew Tsege, Zone 9 bloggers, journalists, human rights activists, Muslim leaders, Oromos, Ogadenese[vii] and political opponents. After all that deliberation, as the Chairwoman and Rt Hon Anna Gomez said, the EU Governments are not really doing enough rather than expressing “CONCERNS”. Woyyane is too uncivilised to understand the message behind “CONCERNS”. Real and tangible action is what understands. Particularly when it comes to money to goes on its knees. We are not asking to march European army to protect the people from Ethiopia. Ethiopians can do that for themselves if need be. What is needed here is to stop bankrolling a regime that terrorises its people. However, EU and US Governments keep on sustaining the dictators in the name alliance against terrorism. Well, although we don’t expect the West learns lessons, Ethiopians just wanted to pay their attention to Burkina Faso. Comes the day, not money or guns of EU or USA would save dictators from the wrath of the people. The Woyyane came to power through blood shade; using money donated by kind hearted people to feed the starving but used it to buy deadly weapons. They will not be going anywhere as long as money keeps on pouring in from the West. Do the West know that these guys Albanian type communists?

We have learned that the human rights activists in the EU are so frustrated against their own governments for non-action. Of the record, all the government representatives admit that a quiet diplomacy is chosen with Ethiopia because if the EU take serious action to stop the brutality, the regime would go into the arms fold of the Chinese Government. Give me a break! The Chinese have already been in Ethiopia, working with the tyrant regime very closely in every area, including military, jamming of radios and televisions broadcastings, building roads for quick deployment of the army, banning of the internet and the social media, such as facebook, twitter and blogs. The TPLF (Woyyane) are unchanged communists. They are much closer the Chinese Communist part than any democratic parties in the world. However, the Chinese are not generous enough to bankroll Woyyane for ever. They are there to obtain resources. If the EU and USA borrow some guts from their historical ancestors, who were champions of democracy and justice in their countries, rather than unconditional provision of dollars, pounds and Euro in abundance to that regime, Woyyane would start respecting human rights for the sake of aide money. We are saying stop giving away taxpayers money to human rights abuser regimes. Is it too much to ask? Well, if that is too much, then just they have to sit back and wait until 90 million Ethiopians flee into exile and then knock at their doors seeking asylum, which many politicians are unashamedly using as their election manifesto. Let the West stop giving away the tax payers money to support a tyrants like that of Ethiopia and then no refugees risk pershing  in the seas and deserts to reach here. Had there been no murderous regime in power, Ethiopia is not a country to run from, but to run to. That was the message Ethiopians wanted to deliver to the EU Governments.

As atrocities are stepped up, Ethiopians are rising up too, united, to use every means available to them to get rid of tyranny. In line with that, those of us, who were exiled to escape from persecution in our homeland reached Europe, have the moral obligation to the people left behind to become the voice for the voiceless millions of Ethiopians under the yoke of repression. Protests and demonstrations are the only legitimate means available to the Diaspora, and Ethiopians shall pursue vigorously their peaceful goal, while others in the country would defend themselves by any means necessary. No one condemns those who to took up arms in the country because they had no other option to combat tyranny. There is no political space for the opposition to struggle peacefully. Win election, you will be jailed for treason! Woyyane has got total monopoly on power!

On 07 November 2014, Ethiopians from Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Germany and The United Kingdom travelled to Belgium to join their compatriots living there with one mission on their minds. All flocked to Brussels to pass the cry of their people, to hold EU Governments responsible for lengthening the suffering of that nation, by ignoring people’s cries and bankrolling their tormentors. Of course these voices are not in vain. Peaceful struggle may not produce a quick fix, but slow and agonising. However it is an indispensible part of overall struggle. These activities are bearing fruits in the United Kingdom. International Human Rights organisations residing in the UK, such as, Amnesty International[viii], Human Rights Watch[ix], the Frontline, Pen International, Reprieve, Redress, are holding the UK Government responsible for the suffering of the Ethiopian people by the supporting the human rights violators in Ethiopia.  Giant newspapers, such as the Independent[x], The Guardian[xi], and The Daily Mail[xii] are questioning the government’s wisdom on the financing of the human rights violators in Ethiopia with the tax payers money. This has forced the UK Government, to withhold at least a token money of £2 million to fund masters degrees for 75 Woyyane officials[xiii]. PM David Cameron has written Prime Disaster Hailemariam Dessalegn his “concern” about the arrest, disappearance of a British citizen Andargachew Tsege.[xiv]
The demonstration had media coverage. Belgian journalists were there from the start to the end, with their cameramen and reporters. We know about that because we talked to them. One of the wonderful things about them was that two journalists this writer met did not need any explanation about what is going on Ethiopia because they knew more than I knew regarding human rights violations in Ethiopia. The two European ESAT teams were there. The Amsterdam office came with journalists Fasil Yenelem, Afeworq Agidew and their cameraman. The London office was represented by Metasebia Qetsela and Wondimagegn Gashu. DW German Radio was reporting from the spot through Gebeyaw Negussie.

The demonstration at Schuman Square was well organised and coordinated. The organisers made sure everything was executed with precision. The messages were clearly heard and the posters were seen and read by thousands of local people. Leaflets were distributed and briefings given by activists to whoever wanted to know more. That noisy demonstration at the EU offices was the biggest and loudest. EU staffs were attracted and came out of their offices to find out what was going on. Pictures of Andargachew Tesege, Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu,  Woubshet Taye, Olbana Lelissa, Temesgen Dessalegn, Andualem Arage,Nathnael Mekonnen, Mitiku Damte, Yeshiwas Yehunalem, Kinfemichale Deebe, Andualem Ayalew, Yohannes Terefe, Zerihun Gebre-Egziabher, Abraha Desta, 5 Mulim leaders and many others prisoners were displayed.

Around 3:00 p.m. two petition letters were submitted to the office of Signora Federicia Mogherini - High Representative of European Union for Foreign Affairs and Member of European Parliament, Rt Hon. Mrs Ana Maria Gomes. Earlier, Yemi (Andargachew’s wife) and Bizuwork (Andargachew’s sister) talked to official of EU, regarding gross violation of human rights in general and Andargachew in particular.

One of the amazing images at Shuman Schuman Square was a coffin carried by two Ethiopians. On it was written: “Justice is dead in Ethiopia! Freedom is Dead, Democracy is Dead!”. The following short clip shows how the demonstrator conveyed the message to EU. . That coffin later was damped at the Woyyane occupied Ethiopian Embassy which will be describe later.

Another sight the attracted onlookers the actions of four Ethiopians youth in orange prisoners’ clothes. They kneeled down in the middle of the road surprising the Police and the onlookers with crossed hands above their heads symbolising the fact that that the whole nation was prison. That symbolic action of the demonstrators attracted a large crowd, to watch them and find out what was going on. Cars stopped, hooted their horns in support. Woyyane is exposed at the most important place source of its mony! Its brutality was exhibited both pictorially and symbolically like the youth did.

The march to the Woyyane occupied Ethiopian Embassy.

The Ethiopian embassy in Brussels is about 15 good minutes walk from Schuman Square. At about 3:30 p.m., the demonstrators started marching to the embassy. Although the demonstrators marched through Parc du Cinquantenaire  the noise remained deafening. From the front, one can barely see the middle of the line, although the demonstrators were walking in four lines, singing and shouting slogans. Those in the park were stunned and were watching with wide opened eyes. Although the Police tried to keep traffic disruption at minimum, truly speaking it did not help them much due to a huge number of the crowed and long lines of well ordered marchers. The roads leading to Avenue de l'Yser, Avenue des Gaulois, Avenue des Celtes and Avenue de Tervuren were blocked. Traffic was halted, trams stopped moving for almost froze, and the residents of the quiet area shocked for witnessing such a noisy protest along that line for the first time in their area.!

The former Ethiopian Embassy, now occupied by the Woyyane gangsters is located on Avenue de Tervuren 62. When the front line of demonstrators arrivedmarchers were confused confused because although there were flags of other Embassies hoisted high on the buildinga, no Woyyane Ambasha flag to be seen anywhere. The writing on the wall was small. Until the Belgium resident Ethiopians arrived to guide no one where to look. The demonstrators were shocked to find the Woyyane flag with Ambasha emblem in the middle was actually brought down from its mast, left on the 2nd floor, still some parts of it attached to the mast as could be witnessed from the following picture.

That was incredible! Somebody had taken it down but failed to remove it from the mast and left it as a trash! Well, so much for Woyyane, who had designated a “Flag Day!” (ድንቄም “የባንዲራ ቀን”). They dishonoured their flag with their own emblem on it. They reject it! We don’t know what had happened, really. If somebody from the inside did it in solidarity with us, we simply say “Good job!” Anyway, as diplomats keep defecting, we will soon know the whole story when one of them defects from Amsterdam. Just watch it.

After all the demonstrators gathered at the Embassy gate, all that was left was to storm the Embassy and try to hoist the true right flag on the mast. We did expect one of the Woyyane thugs to come out and start shoot at the demonstrators, but it did not happen this time. Leave alone coming out to confront the demonstrators, they were nowhere to be seen. They shut the doors and windows and remained out of sight. The demonstrators broke the Police barrier, and rushed to the front door. Everyone poured in. Some demonstrators managed to pass the Police to smash through the locked door. The Police wrestled with them. And yet, the demonstrators had managed dumped the Coffin at the door reading “Justice is dead in Ethiopia! Democracy is dead! Freedom is dead”, murdered by Woyyane thugs. That was the message to be delivered and it was done with precision. The Police did not remove the coffin. They left it there. More and more riot Police arrived and joined the skirmish. An Ethiopian girl fought her way with the Police, past the force and hoisted the true flag on the fence, which is only about a couple of meters from the entrance door. Police bundled her back, among the shouts and screams. Still be it for few minutes, Ethiopians still managed to hoist the true flag by the Embassy building as it can be seen here in the picture below.


Once points were successfully made, and Woyyane officials buried themselves like a scared mice behind closed door, windows and curtain,  only one thing was left. To avoid arrests, the organisers begged the demonstrators to go back to their line. Interestingly, that large crowed decided to listen to the organisers at once. Where the Police failed to manage the large crowed with all that huge force, the organisers managed to achieved it with simple instructions to move back.

Close to 4:30 p.m., the demonstrators decided to call it a day. The nightmare at 62  Avenue de Tervuren, was over in an hour battle with the Police. No one was arrested or hurt.
The majority went straight to a meeting hall to discuss on the next move and strategy. There is a unanimous agreement among the demonstrators that European cities should not be safe to any Woyyane official coming from Addis. The rest of the demonstrators rushed to the train stations and Airport to travel back to the countries they came from.

 The Brussels protest has been a success. Our Brussels Task Force branch headed by Gebeyehu Desta need to be commended for organising and catering for the needs of all those demonstrators from all European countries.

For more pictures and videos, please go to:

The struggle continues until justice prevails in Ethiopia.

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