Wednesday 16 January 2019


Four years have gone by today on 16th January 2019, since our most loved and bubbly Yalem Meketa Mekonnen, my first loving and caring wife, best friend and sister left this world for heaven. I trust in the Lord that she lives in heaven at the feet of her mothers, the likes of Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel (ራሔል).

In Jerusalem, at the stone slab, where the body of our Lord Jesus Christ was laid down to prepare for burial (October 2009)

.On Sunday, she was remembered during Holly Liturgy at London St Mary Church of  Debre-Tsion. After the church, some of us went to her grave to place flowers at her memorial stone.

Yalem was a wonderful person that will not be easily forgotten. All her life, she lived for others. As a result, two years ago, Yalem’s family and friends came together and established “Yalem’s Friends Mutual Support Association (Idir - ዕድር) On her fourth memorial year, the Association celebrated its 2nd Anniversary,  We had a wonderful meal at  at the Zeret Kitchen, Camberwell, lovely Ethiopian restaurant that belonged to one of Yalem’s and my best friends, Tafe! At the same time, the members of the Association held their Annual General Meeting and discussed various issues. 

With this Association bearing her name, in place, Yalem’s will always be remembered every year, as members gather together for a purpose, that is to help each other at times of crises. That was what she used to do when she was among us and that is what we will continue to do in her memory.

May the Lord Rest Her Soul in Peace!

Wondimu Mekonnen

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