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Martin Plaut's Strategy to Bring Ethiopia Down on Her Knees

 Martin Plaut's Strategy to Bring Ethiopia Down on Her Knees.

Wondimu Mekonnen 13/02/21

We are about to celebrate 125 Anniversary of Adwa Victory over Italian invasion of Ethiopia. Yet again some white men are drawing a new strategy to bring Ethiopia down to her knees. Thank God we also have kind people like the Pankhurst family who dedicated their lives in defence of Ethiopia and the Russians who came always in our defence whenever we are in trouble. Balcha Hospital stands as a memorial to that. This time the strategy is designed to destroy us from within. We resist.

Martin Plaut, has proposed for us in his article of Financial Times "The tragedy of Ethiopia’s conflict in Tigray". He proposes: "Only a national dialogue can truly heal the country’s divisions". That is what we call in Amharic: "Honey marinated in poison: በማር የተለወሰ መርዝ". He is saying we should engage into dialogue with TPLF and probably also OLF Shane. My friend! TPLF chose war in stead of dialogue for two solid years. Mothers from all over the country travelled to Tigray, went on their knees and begged the war drum beating TPLF to come to dialogue with tears ( . They rejected. Elders, that included the famous Olympic Champion, Haile Gebreselassie travelled to Tigray and begged them to engage in Dialogue with the Central Government. They rejected. Now they are chocked in a war they had started, they need dialogue through their spokesperson. Who? Martin Plaut (

No one knows the evil activities of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) like Journalist Martin Plaut. He knows very well the cunning nature of this black apartheid gang (Nazi is too soft to describe them) inside out. Just to realise how much he knows them read his brilliant report at

However, right after that earth quacking revelation that shook Bob Geldof to his bones, the evil gang worked hard to get into the skin of Martin Plaut. They successfully turned Martin from the position of their deadly critique to one faithful mouthpiece. That was what they also made with Patrick Gilks, William Davidson, Cedric Burns etc, white men in their services. Alex De Wall has always been their tool.

Martin very well knows the hidden genocide committed against Amhara, Annuaks, Somalis, Oromos over the the 27 years of their tyrannical rule. "Police State" was too mild to describe the regime. However, they successfully hypnotized Martin to turn blind eyes on those crimes against humanity, particularly the Amhara, which they depicted in their Tigray Manifesto as No.1 enemy.  They did not only grab lands from Gondar and Wello and incorporated into Tigray in1991 but they eradicated more than half of the population in those territories, a quarter being killed, the other quarter being displaced. All these are well documented. That was then. 

Recently, following the TPLF security men's well organised murder of an Oromo singer, Hachalu Hundessa, many Amhara's, Gurages, Gamos were massacred. Jawar Mohammed, an allay of the TPLF, now in jail, orchestrated that murder through his radio station, the Oromo Media Network (OMN),  similar to Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines of Rwanda. The Ras Tafarian city of Shahamane was raised to the ground. Now Martin demands the release of that right-hand man of the TPLF rather than the court decide about his innocence from the blood of the victims.  Let us zoom forward.

On 03 November 2020, the TPLF launched a bloody attack on restive Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), stationed there in post Ethio-Eritrean war, to defend the people of Tigray. Seiku Ture Getachew, the spokesperson of the TPLF (which Marin tells us how he was killed as if he was an eye witness) graphically described to the whole world how they had to liquidate the threat "with a lightening speed" because when they launch the attack to get back to power that force was seen as a sleeping risk. Out of about 48,000 soldiers of ENDF, Northern Division, only 12,000 were recovered in the process of the battles from different locations. That means 36, 000 soldiers were slaughtered at night while sleeping in their beds by the TPLF Special Forces, militia and the TPLF soldiers and commanders within the ENDF, who convinced their "comrades in arms" to sleep in peace after a long day of fighting locusts and helping farmers,  pretending to be volunteering for  night guard. That was a war crime in its ugliest form. What would Martin think if that had happened for example, to a British contingent in Ireland or Scotland, by the Irish or Scottish soldiers in the barrack? Or Ethiopian soldiers lives don't matter? That was what triggered the mission to enforce law and order in Tigray by  Federal Government. Martin deliberately hides that fact  from the Financial Times readers, turning his back on objective journalism to a propaganda machine of the TPLF. Let me add one more gruesome fact. About 80 female soldiers who were accidentally discovered in comma state behind a locked door in small room in Makale, stripped down to their pants and bras only, sleeping naked on concrete floor without food, water, or any sanitation whatsoever for unknown number of days. They were retrieved by the special police force searching for hidden weapons after ousting the TPLF leadership from the city. It was a miracle they were found alive, forget the state they were in.  "It was stinking  like a pig sty," a Colonel described the image with tears in his eyes and broken voice. Those were among the retrieved 12.000 soldiers now on a long way to recovery journey in hospitals. 

Martin Plaut is using his past credible journalism track record to campaign for the cause of the deadly criminals. The truth is by far different from what he is describing day in day out on Twitter to convince Western Governments, particularly the UK and US to bring Ethiopia to her knees like what they deed to Yugoslavia.

Right now, regardless of all the difficulties remnants of the criminal TPLF are causing to prevent aid from reaching the the needy, by attempting to ambush any aid convoy, the Government has struck deals with 44 international organisations to transport food and medicine to Tigray.  The Red Cross was on the scene from day one to date.  The people of Ethiopia, inside and outside the country are also doing their best to help their brothers and sisters to rebuild Tigray. By the way, most of infrastructures were destroyed by the retreating TPLF force. Airports were bulldozed, roads were bombed, bridges were destroyed, telephone connections were cut off, you name it. All those infrastructures need to be rebuilt to get aid  through.  There is always a difficult time after every massive conflict of that magnitude between an evil force fighting to come back to power and the Government fighting back. However,  trying its best to solve the problems. On top of all that, the TPLF released tens of thousands convicted criminals from jail, dressed them up in Eritrean uniform they manufactured at Alemeda Textile Factory, and instructed them to loot as much as they could. Captured looters admitted that fact under interrogation. The Government is trying to  establish law and order to protect the people from all that. 

On the other hand millions of dollars have been raised by the TPLF supporters living abroad to "help the people of Tigray". However the money is not delivered either by themselves or through the charity of their choice to help the people. Alula Solomon, one of their activists abroad recently told contributors on social media point blank that the money would not be spent on its intended purposes but to hire lobbyists with sharp tongues to campaign on their behalf to exert pressure on the Ethiopian government to allow them come back, convince donor agencies to give them more money to support the people of Tigray in their "controlled area", which doesn't exist, but of course that was a ploy to repeat the £25,000,000 Band Aid story  of 1984.

I have personally witnessed the TPLF supporters claiming: "A white man is a fool. He believes whatever you tell him." That is why they employ lobbyists who could pass over their lies without versifying to a more powerful one that make a difference

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!" Stephen King


  1. THIS IS WONDERFUL and realistic assessment of the situation in Ethiopia and the war in Tigray against the TPLF criminas and Cessationist forces.

  2. Thank you Abe
    TPLF is attempting to get away with its crimes. Not only that, they are trying to retell the story of their own crime as if it was committed by the Government. Shat a shameless bunch of criminals they are. We shall try to tell the truth. Let their lobbyists lying. We will never shy away from exposing them.