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By Wondimu Mekonnen, UK 03 July 2021

The Tigray Liberation Front terrorists[1] are repeating their 1985 style deceit once more. In 1985, Sir Bob Geldof brought together British and Irish musicians to help famine victims in Ethiopia, mainly in Tigray and Wollo Regions. Hopefully, everyone remembers the song “Do they know it’s Christmas.” The charity personally distributed the food aid in the affected regions. However, the TPLF approached Bob Geldof and moaned. The people in the territory it controlled could not get the help. The Charity gave them £25,000,000. The TPLF claimed the food would be bought from the Sudan and transported into Tigray to feed the starving. However, as per Gebremedhin Araya, one of the defected rebel leaders of the time, no penny was delivered to the starving people of Tigray.  Some were spent to purchase weapons while rest were used to enrich themselves by investing it in “The Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), private property of the TPLF. Marin Plaut wrote about it and presented on the BBC in 2010[2]. Now it is 2021. The TPLF is playing the same game. They think they can always fool everybody all the time.

It is to be recalled that the TPLF who administered Ethiopia for 27 years with gross violation of human rights. It looted the whole country and moved billions of dollars abroad. It was removed from power in 2018 through popular uprising. The USA and UK were the ones who helped them to power in 1981. During the 27 years TPLF’s administration of Ethiopia under the banner of EPRDF, there were bloodshed everywhere. The Amharas were branded enemies of the Tigrayan people in their manifesto and slaughtered and thrown of off the cliffs in thousands. Their lands were taken away and evicted from ancestral territories. Metekel was taken away from Gojjam. Tselemt, Welqait, Tegede and Humera were taken away from Gondar. Raya was taken away from Wollo. Blood shade continued in those regions, but no single Western power protested about it. They turned blind eyes to the gross violation of human rights in Ethiopia by the puppets they installed to pillage the country. Ironically, now when the Amharas regained their rightful ancestral lands over these areas, western powers lament and call for the withdrawal of Amhara Special Forces. This really is a double standard. The Amharas are now in areas where they were brutally evicted thirty years ago. Once TPLF was removed from powers, Ethiopia started getting the attention of Western powers, thinking that it is getting away from their grips. The West wanted to keep Ethiopia underdeveloped living on handouts. The TPLF proved to be their tools to control the land and the people. TPLF enriched itself by selling vast fertile lands to the international agro-conglomerate by evicting indigenous people. As soon as the TPLF lost its grip on power, rather than joining in the reform, its leaders chose to move back to their Tigray enclave and started preparing to relaunch attack to regain power in Ethiopia. No amount of pleading, mediation would make them change their minds. They boasted they had the weapons and human power to overthrow the Federal Government. They went on to execute their plan to come back to power by force. They badly gambled and lost.

On the night of 03/04 November they attacked the Ethiopian National Defence Force and slaughtered almost 36,000 unsuspecting soldiers in their beds. The Defence Force was stationed there to protect the people of Tigray from a possible attack by the Eritrean forces, for the last 23 years. The Federal Government of Ethiopia moved its forces into Tigray to establish law and order. Within just three weeks, the TPLF attack was halted, some of its leaders surrendered, others killed in the battle, and few escaped to the ragged mountains of Tigray to continue guerrilla war. Their Western mentors panicked because they never expected that would happen. While on the run, the TPLF massacred 600 civilians in a matter of hours at a small town called Maikadra, bulldozed airfields, blew up power stations, destroyed bridges, cut of telephone wires, and plunged the region into darkness. Their spokesperson, Getachew Reda was heard on the video[3] vowing to continue with the destruction of big infrastructures, particularly bridges and roads to make the people of Tigray miserable and encourage them to join the fight.  In the meantime, all the destruction caused by the TPLF had to be blamed on the government, so that the Western media bought their lies. The so-called Tigray refugees (interestingly most of these refugees migrated to the Western world by the TPLF itself while still in power) came out on the streets of cities of the Western World (USA, UK, and Western Europe) and rolled on the pavements (እምበር ተንከባላይ) claiming “the Ethiopian Government was massacring Tigrayan people, raping Tigrayan women, starving to death the entire population”.

Now, there is a big question. How did these Tigrayans ended up in the UK, USA and Western Europe? When did they arrive in these countries? They did not arrive in the last seven months for sure. They came over the last 30 years, while the government of their liking had been in power. I bet these are bogus asylum seekers, who ended up here claiming either as Eritreans or just like all of us claiming to be persecuted by the Government that the TPLF was leading.

Their protest of mass killing, starvation or rape was totally baseless.. The Government was pursuing criminals, not the civilians. These pretenders knocked at every MPs’ offices and told them false stories. They enlisted lobbyists like Lord Alton, Alex de Waal and Kjetil Tronvoll; journalists like Martin like Plaut and William Davidson to spread their lies and confuse unsuspecting ordinary people of the Western nations.

Particularly among the journalists, Martin Plaut did not hide he was lying when it came to the TPLF. He justified that by saying: “Sometimes I lie. So, what! The end justifies the means”. In one of his lectures to the TPLF activists he taught them how to manufacture news[4]. If you don’t believe click on the link and listen to him.

Here is the latest fake story that is circulating over the last three days on Western media. The TPLF was parading some people claiming they were prisoners of war. Let us see the following three pictures of the same person. He is one of the TPLF fighters.

The young man wearing the purple towel in the first picture paraded as a prisoner of war is Daniel Yohannes. He is from Adwa, Tigray. He is a graduate of Welqite University. The third picture shows him working as a Public Health worker in Tigray. Now they are parading him as an Ethiopian captured soldier, prisoner of war for media consumption, while the truth is that he is their own fighter. That is how news can be manufactured. Thanks to Martin Plaut.

While the activists abroad are busy manufacturing fake news, the defeated TPLF criminals hiding in the mountains and among the people made things difficult for the government to help the people of Tigray to get on with their daily lives. The USA, UK and EU were taken for a ride by the lobbyists in multiplying the fake news without verifying them, simply qualifying them as “unverified reports”. However, the verified news we would have liked the media to have was unacceptable. Their readers are cheated and deceived to know the truth.

The most blatant lie was delivered by the Finnish foreign minister and EU special envoy Pekka Haavisto. He did not blink when he said the authorities in Addis told him: “they are going to wipe out the Tigrayans for 100 years.”  What? This was absolutely a hit below the belt. What kind of government leadership would tell a foreigner it would wipe out its own people? May be lost in translation? The reverse was the truth. The Government was doing everything to help the people. 70% of the humanitarian aid in Tigray was supplied by the Ethiopian Government and only 30% was supplied by the international aid organisation. While the government was helping the people, the TPLF was preventing help from reaching them. These facts were deliberately hidden from the ordinary people of the USA, UK, and EU residents. And we were not given a chance to tell the truth.

As per the account of the Russian and Chinese envoys at the UN Security Council on 3rd July, the Government of Ethiopia was trying to feed the people, restoring utilities, and helping to establish peace. However, the rebels were making it difficult for the people to get the basic needs. It became impossible for the government as the TPLF supporters were sabotaging everything that would make life for the civilians easier. The TPLF fighters would wear Ethiopian National Defence Force uniforms and rape their own women and blame it on the Ethiopian National Defence Force. Every crime it committed was staged and filmed and broadcast to the unsuspecting Western Media through Alex De Wall, Martin Plaut and William Davidson. The only true account came from a Polish-European anthropologist, Dr Natalia Paszkiewicz, European migrant advocate. She recently told us a horrendous story. The TPLF fighters raided an Eritrean refugee camp inside Tigray. They ordered 9 Eritrean refugee women to strip to the waist. Nine Eritrean refugee men were dragged out, ordered to wear Eritrean Defence Force uniform, given curved knives, and were ordered to cut off the Eritrean women’s breasts, under the gunpoint while filming. The plan was to show the Westerners how the Eritrean soldiers were mutilating Tigrayan women’s breasts. Barbarians! One of the men decided to run off with the knife and other also followed suits in different directions. All were killed except one lucky escapee to tell the story. Such staged crimes were happening all over Tigray. The TPLF released 10,000 hardcore criminals, including those on death row, from jail before it left Mekelle. Those were going around and robbing the people. That too was blamed on the government and Eritrean soldiers. The people of Tigray knew the truth. Moreover, the TPLF fighters inside Tigray would hide among civilians and shoot at the military, so that the military would shoot back at the people.

Such sabotages and accusations became too much for the Federal Government to help the people of Tigray. When shot at from among the civilians, the army could not shoot back because innocent people might be killed. That was becoming too much for the Defence Force. The West kept on exerting pressure on the Government of Ethiopia to stop the fighting, let journalists and aid workers free movement. Therefore, to meet the demand of the Western powers and to give some breathing space for the people of Tigray, the Federal Government ordered the National Defence Force to unilaterally ceasefire and withdraws in an orderly fashion from the region on 28 June 2021. This gave the TPLF to emerge from its hideouts. This was a step taken to save the people, not what the Finish minister claimed of wiping out. Although the gesture came as a surprise to the TPLF, it did not take time for its leaders that was begging to “stop the war in Tigray” to reject the ceasefire. They woke up one morning and there was no one to blame any more. They started boasting to the biased Western media as if they defeated the Ethiopian National Army.

Two weeks ago, the TPLF was lamenting, begging the international community to stop the war in Tigray. The Ethiopian Government stopped the war and moved out its force out of Tigray. The TPLF changed the tune. Now they singing to fight on, no ceasefire and would keep on going until they crash the Federal Government of Ethiopia and overthrow the Eritrean President. It means invitation of Eritrea once more to get involved in defence of itself, to internationalise the war. That would allow the USA, UK, and EU countries to get involved in the name of “Peace Keeping” all over again. As evidenced from Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, and Syria, the involvement of the Western power would solve nothing but would worsen the situation.  To obtain permission once more, the USA, UK, and Ireland called UN Security Council urgent meeting on 03 July. Luckily they failed to get what they wanted.

This week, to prevent aid reaching the people of Tigray, the TPLF destroyed the bridge on Takaze River, the main supply route. Then it put out a plea to the international community to bring assistance directly by air. Here we go again! The tactic they used in 1985 is resurfacing. In short, what does that mean? They did not want the aid to be brought by road as it would be checked by the Government of Ethiopia. The main reason behind that is to get weapons brought in by air without any problem to their possession. Well, Ethiopia is a sovereign state. It has the right to protect its air and land. Therefore, we do not think that the wishes of TPLF would be granted without violating the sovereignty of Ethiopia. If anyone attempts to fly over Ethiopian territory without the permission of the Government, then that is the violation of International Law and Ethiopia has the right to defend herself. In such provocation, the Ethiopia Government has the right to ask the support of any friendly nations, be it a country as small as Eritrea or as giant as Russia. Expect WWIII! Does anyone remember, actually WWII started in Ethiopia in 1935?

As per news reaching us from Mekelle, after the TPLF moved back, so many civilians are getting killed on daily basis. Conseil Africain des Mėdias reported “Renewed killings and massacres of civilians perpetrated by the TPLF troops have been reported in the Tigray region barely a day after the announced ceasefire by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed[1]. In a place Mohoni, minority Muslims are reported have been slaughtered.  Médecins Sans Frontières  reported that the TPLF looted the food that donors brought to distribute to the people. Now they have no one to blame on.

It appears that something terrible might have happened to Debretsion Gebremichael, the TPLF leader. He is nowhere to be seen. Well, we had seen some old pictures claiming him entering Mekelle recently. However, when showing that old picture which was taken six months ago, they forgot editing out Tigray TV microphone. The West is now promoting the CIA man, former General Tsadkan Gebretensae, to emerge as the new leader. Mark my words. The next victims of TPLF will be Getachew Redda and Tsadkan Gebretensae. They both are not from the Adwan Dynasty. They are not even Tigrayans. They belong to the Raya ethnic group. Their kins were slaughtered by the TPLF in the past to take over the lands. Now the Rayas are masters of their own destination. Therefore, these two traitors will not last long within the TPLF.

The western media are reflections of their own governments. They never give us a space on their pages to set the score straight when they mislead their readers. Leave alone, independent writers like this one, even the Ethiopian Embassies are denied access to defend the position of their government whenever glaring truth were twisted and falsified. Therefore, we have no options but to use blogs, websites, and social media to expose the nature of the TPLF, the biased western media and one-sided crusade by the Western Governments to bring Ethiopia to her knees.

To conclude, I would like to refer to history. In 555 BC, our ancestors fought against the Roman Empire and saved our independence. That was followed by the Ottoman Empire. Our forefathers fought for 100 years to save what is known today Ethiopia. In 1886, after the Berlin Conference, when the West divided Africa among them, our grandparents fought against Italy and defeated and made them capitulate and pay compensation. From 1935 to 1940, our parents bitterly fought and defeated the Italians colonialists who came back for revenge. This time, once more, our country is facing another threat from the Western powers using internal traitors. Are we not the grand children of Ethiopian patriots? Are we going to surrender the country that is kept by blood shade of our ancestors? Not a chance! To start with, God is with us just like yesterday. Our people will resist united as always. Next, Russia, China, India, and African states (save the Sudan and Egypt who would like to prevent us from using the Blue Nile water) would not leave Ethiopia at the mercy of the West. We are not alone. Hands of Ethiopia!







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