Wednesday 29 September 2010

The Priceless Treasure

Priceless Treasure

By Wondimu Mekonnen

Holy land biblical,
Ancient nation historical;
Secretive mystical,
Heart throbbing magical;
Paradise typical,
Land of legend classical.
Queen Sheba’s kingdom,
Pioneer of freedom.
Give in to no pressure,
Safe-guard that treasure!
She is a lady so fine,
Your country and mine.
What could one have asked more!
She is a beauty to die for!

What a beautiful name!
Ageless amazing fame.
A name written in blood,
Given away for her good.
What a lovely place!
At all times in the space;
People of charming grace,
Blessed land to praise;
A name to mean dark-face,
Long history to trace;
Pride of black race. Green-yellow-red cover,
Adoring tri-colour.
Zion of exiled nation,
Rastaman vibration.
Yeah man! Yeah!
Jah loves in Shashamane!
Dont give in to pressure
Safe-guard that treasure.
Lovely land so fine,
Your sanctuary and mine.
What could one have asked more!
She is a lady to die for!


Cradle of mankind,
Home to people from God.
Unblemished purity,
Apex of natural beauty.
Selale massive plains,
Afro-Alpine mountains.
Desert heat tension,
Danakil depression.
Wonders of Rift Valley,
True Garden of Eden;
Soph-Umar Cave of Bale,
Set aside safe heaven.
Jegol labyrinth - Harar;
Fairytale castled Gondar,
Rain forest - Illubabor.
There is no end to wonders,
Abay king of all rivers.
Awash, Gibe, Gennale,
Baro, Wabi-Shebelle.
Dont give in to pressure
Safe-guard that treasure.
Jewel in a shrine,
Your surety and mine.
What could one have asked more!
She is a pearl to die for!

Gojam Markos harmony,
Land of milk and honey.
Mighty Ghion Abay,
Green meadow, blue sky.
Lake Tana lies in style,
Thundering fall of Blue Nile.
Love of Alpha-Omega,
Jote gold of Wellega.
Coffee comes from Kaffa,
Arba Minch, Gemu Goffa.
Wollo can boast of beauty,
Music, dance, melody.
Lalibela rock-hewn churches,
Wonders of Architecture.
Tigray has amazing fame,
Heroic past good name;
Pure history - no blame;
Doubters have no more room;
African Jerusalem,
Sacred city of Axum.
South lies Sidamo,
With Awassa Langano.
Arsi tiny wonder,
Shewa the elder sister.
Dont give in to pressure
Safe-guard that treasure.
Together we are fine,
Your destiny and mine.
What could one have asked more!
She is a land to die for!


Let my poems pour,
For the beauty I adore.
Endless diversity,
Incredible variety.
Synchronised in unity.
Mosaic of tapestry,
Wild life history.
In the clear blue sky,
Colourful birds fly.
In open lea far away,
Those cheeky monkeys play.
In trees above lagoon,
Booms Galada Baboon.
Home of unique Semein Fox,
Nyala, Walia Ibex.
Land of a multitude,
People with attitude.
At war fighting machine,
In peace polite nation.
Afar the patriotic,
Oromo the athletic;
Anurak-Nuere Nilotic,
Woloye the romantic.
Colourful vest Adare,
Temperamental Tigre.
Kullo-Konta, Gimira.
Gentle farmer Amhara.
Coffee picking Kafficho,
Qotcho pealing Shekacho.
Dorze Haizo weaver,
Wallayta rain dancer;
Kambata hard worker,
Gurage skilled trader..
Hamar, Sidama Hadya, 

B-e-a-u-t-i-ful Ethiopia!!!!!!!
Her safety has no measure,
Priceless treasure.
Shes only one and all,
Give in to no pressure;
With your life and soul,
Protect that treasure,
Rally around let her shine,
Shes your star and mine.
Any way,
What could one have asked more!
She is the BEST to die for.


Written in January 1996